Fredeen Blades

Custom Hand-Forged Blades

Here are just a few pieces from the past...

This is just a small sample of some of my previous work. I will be working on uploading more pictures of my work as time goes on. 

Newly completed:

 Feather Pattern Damascus Bird and Trout Knife Commission

152 layers of 1095 & 15N20, in a feather pattern damascus blade.
OAL: 8.5"
Blade length (tip to guard): 4"
Ricasso length : 0.5"
Stainless Steel guard and spacers. African blackwood accent, stabalized curly maple handle, with a mosaic pin.
Mexican Loop style sheath



 Black Micarta 5160 EDC/Utility



Snakewood 5160 Bird and Trout Knife




Cocobolo and Stag W1 Dagger


Cocobolo and Teak 5160 Dagger

 240 Layer 1095/Pure Nickle, serpentine ladder pattern, pattern-welded blade