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Damascus Ring Orders Temproarily Postponed

Due to current priorities and work load, I have stopped taking futher orders on my rings until I can get caught back up with things in the shop. I am currently unaware when I will be able to resume taking orders again. I will update this page when more time becomes available to take orders again. Thanks for your patience.

Damascus Rings

 Thought I'd add yet another item to my repertoire of skills, the production of Damascus Steel Rings!

 Each of these rings is hand forged from a billet of pattern welded steel. They are then custom sized to fit, and shaped and polished freehand on a lathe. These are not production made, each will be unique in pattern and made specifically to customer specification. These rings are a perfect gift for the ladies in your life, buy a knife for yourself and while you're here, get a ring for her (or vise versa ). They are also great for a nice masculine ring for the men, nothing says manly like a ring that was hand forged by hammer and anvil in a 2200 F fire. These are also great as paired sets for both men and women to mark a special occasion (promise rings, wedding bands, etc), these rings are forged together in the fires of the forge from the same steel and thus I can't think of a better symbol for binding two people together, much as the rings were bound together in the fires of the forge.

Here are some examples of some different styles of damascus rings I have produced so far...

 To prevent the risk of discoloration and oxidization of the rings, I have now began to employ a hot niter salt bluing technique. Bluing the rings in this manner protects them with a durable finish which won't rust, as well as imparts a very nice deep luster and color in the ring.

 Below is an example of what the niter bluing looks like on one of the rings. The camera does not pick up the subtle way the light interacts with the different colors on the rings surface, and in person, the rings appear even more spectacular.

These damascus rings will be made in a series of "runs" when I forge out a new ring billet. Depending on the size of the ring billets I forge, each run may be limited to anywhere between 5 - 15 rings. Pricing per run will vary depending on the pattern employed (total layer count, complexity of the pattern, billet material, etc) much the same as pattern welded knives. I will be experimenting with new techniques and more striking patterns very soon in the future, so please check back for uptades.

 Run #1: - SOLD OUT

This run of rings is made from a 19 layer twist pattern billet made from 1095 and 15N20.

Prices for this run will be $100.00 per ring.

Each ring will come in its own velvet box with certificate of authenticity. 

There are approximately 10 rings left in this billet. First come first serve. Once all these rings are spoken for, new rings will not be made available until a later time, when I can forge out another billet, which will depend on my work schedule at the time.

Additionally, due to the many many different sized fingers out there, I can not produce these rings ahead of time. Each ring must be custom made for the customer to ensure proper fit. Thus there might be upwards of a 2 week waiting period before I can produce the rings (though, as always I will do my best to complete orders in a much more timely manner).

To order a ring, I'll need to know the exact size you need. You can provide me with a known ring size (7, 7.5, 9, 9.5, 10, etc), an inside diameter of a ring that is known to fit (only if you can accurately measure this ring down to thousands of an inch, such as with calipers), or a third option is to send me a ring that is known to fit (please no expensive or very valuable rings, I would not want something to happen durring transit, etc) and I will make your damascus ring to that exact size.

Different designs and styles will be available, however at this time I am only producing bands, I currently don't have the time to do more complex rings with set stones or anything of that nature.

Please contact me for further details.

Wooden Rings

In addition, when I started doing damascus rings, I got to thinking, I use some of the nicest and most premium woods around in my knife handles, some of that wood would make beautiful rings. So I went ahead and tried a few out. These are great little rings, are affordable, and not something you'll see everyday.

Wood ring prices start at $35 a piece and vary some depending on what type of wood you select for your ring (some woods are much more expensive than others).

Many of the woods available for these wooden rings will be stabalized. This means that the rings are virtually care free, no worries about water, shrinking, cracking, etc. Stabalization also makes the rings much stronger and more durable. If the particular wood you want is unstabalized, I will take the time to give it a polymer resin coating which will absorb into the wood and impart the same effects as a stabalized wood. Additionally, stabalized woods will buff and polish up to give a beautiful shine and finish (almost like glass).

Like the damascus rings, each wooden ring is hand made and made custom to fit the individual customer's needs and wants.

These rings can be made from simple, yet elegent woods like quilted maple, rich hard woods, exotic woods, and even highly figured woods like burls.

Again, please contact me for further details.