Fredeen Blades

Custom Hand-Forged Blades

Here's a look at my shop...


 A look at the work bench, where the vast majority of my time is spent.

Here is the drilling and handle material processing bench with 4" x 30" belt sander, drill press, 1" x 30" belt sander, and wood cutting bandsaw.

 A look at the overall layout, work bench on the West, buffer/bench grinder, KMG belt grinder, and stock storage along the North wall, hydraulic press and air compressor along the East, and propane and forge storage along the South, with the anvil in the middle.

 The KMG, my professional belt grinder and an awesome piece of equipment.

My anvil, 140 lb Fisher & Norris. Its seen some better days, appearently someone had used it for cold work at one point in time so it has some nasty edge damage, but it still gets the job done. 

 Here is my 20 Ton air over hydraulic press, used for drawing out pattern-welded billets and large stock.

 A look at the back of the shop.

 100 lb propane cylinder, heat treat furnace, forge, and hammer storage.

 My forge.

The digitally controled vertical heat treat furnace. 

 The view out of my shop window, which looks directly at Pikes Peak.


 I've since acquired some more pieces of equipment (micro mill, metal cutting bandsaw, mig welder) and will get up some pics soon.